PowerPoint Repair after Crash

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Requirements: Windows 7/XP/Vista Microsoft Office 2000 or above must be installed on the host computer

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Repair PowerPoint 2010 which crashes while opening file:

PowerPoint, as you all know is used for preparing presentation file. The PPT file is the best file which can impart the message effectively which you want to convey. Because, it can include clip arts, tables, graphics, images, etc. attributes. You may come across many problems while using PowerPoint on your system. You have installed PowerPoint 2010 on your system and this is crashing when you try to open some PPT files. What can be the cause for PowerPoint crash? What are the consequences to be faced after PowerPoint crash? These are the basic questions for which you are looking for an answer. Keep on reading to discover the answers.

Why the PowerPoint 2010 crashes when opening?

The PowerPoint may crash for few reasons mention here. If you do not have latest updates of the PowerPoint then also you will encounter such problem. So, install the updates available for your Windows OS without delay. The computer might not be having the printer driver which is compatible with the PowerPoint. The PowerPoint unexpectedly depends on the printer driver on the system. You can install the compatible device driver and solve this issue. The other reason for PowerPoint crash is some of the add – ins on the computer. The add – ins may influence the PowerPoint program and PowerPoint crashes. Mainly, the Bluetooth causes PowerPoint crash sometimes. Find out which add – in is interfering with the PowerPoint application and disable that add – in. The PowerPoint may also crash as you are using two monitor adaptors. When you try to open the PowerPoint, Windows starts to flash. Whereas the other monitor goes blank. This problem occurs only on PowerPoint 2010. The application may also crash if any of the application file gets deleted. You can reinstall the PowerPoint to resolve this issue. Now you can open PowerPoint 2010 file easily.

Result of PowerPoint crash:

When you tried to open the PowerPoint file, you are shocked. The PowerPoint file not opening because the file got corrupted when the PowerPoint 2010 crashed while opening it. What can be done in such situation? You had prepared the presentation file for a meeting which is going to commence in few minutes. You cannot prepare the PPT as précised and optimized PPT because of less time. Do not panic as you can repair the PPT file using proper PPT repair tool. Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool is one of the reliable repair tools which you can try.

Few reasons for PPT file corruption:

Below are some of the reasons for PPT file corruption:

Important features of Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool:

The Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool is the PowerPoint 2010 repair tool which you were looking for. You can repair the PowerPoint files which are corrupted for any reason on Windows OS based computers. It supports PPT repair on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It can repair PPT file to recover text, graphics, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. in the file. It can even repair broken PPT on your computer. The software can also repair PPS and PPTX files effectively. The software supports repairing PowerPoint file on Microsoft Office 2000 and higher versions. After any types of corruption or damage, if yoour important PPT or PPTX file is become unreadable, use this link to repair that file in simple clicks: https://www.powerpointrepair.net/unreadable-file.html


Download PowerPoint Repair Tool Buy Full Version

Requirements: Windows 7/XP/Vista Microsoft Office 2000 or above must be installed on the host computer

Simple steps to repair corrupt file on PowerPoint 2010:

Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool on the computer. Launch the software and select the path of the corrupt PPT file and click on "Repair" button.

Powerpoint Repair Tool for 2010 - Main Window

Figure 1: Click Repair

Step 2: The software starts repairing the PPT file and after repairing you can preview the repaired PPT file by clicking on "Click here to preview file".

Powerpoint Repair Tool for 2010 - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview File after Repair

Step 3: Save the file at a esired destination by browsing the path and clicking on "Save" button.

Powerpoint Repair Tool for 2010 - Save Repaired Files

Figure 3: Save Repaired Files

Download PowerPoint Repair Tool Buy Full Version

Requirements: Windows 7/XP/Vista Microsoft Office 2000 or above must be installed on the host computer

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